Om oss er en prissøkemotor til billeie som hjelper forbrukeren med å finne billig billeie rundt om i verden.

The site was started in 2012 as a service that would make it easier to find a cheap car hire.

There are many players in the market for car hire and it can be difficult to find the best deals. Therefore we decided to make a system that could make it easy to find and compare good car hire prices and this was the beginning of is a search engine that searches across several car rental companies and presents the results for the user in a simple and easy overview. searches among leading car rental websites, making it fast and easy to find a cheap hire car by a single search rather than finding the rental cars on each rental website.

We do not rent cars, but refer to websites where you can rent the car.

If you rent a car from a provider we have referred you to, we may receive a payment from the provider. This does not affect the price you are offered when hiring a car.

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